Old Mucker

give your plants a natural boost

Welcome to Old Mucker!

Are you tired of spraying and drenching your garden with chemicals sold under the guise of plant food? Fed up with not knowing what is going into your veg?

Old Mucker knows what is best for your fruit, veg, roses and other garden plants. We produce hessian bags designed for suspension in watering cans. Each bag is filled with one of four different dried products for specific areas of the garden.

The bag is steeped in the can overnight, making a nutrient rich ‘tea’ which is poured onto the chosen area. It lasts for one month on a daily refill basis.

Made in Somerset our unique range of natural, biodegradable, sustainable fertilisers won’t harm you or the environment. In fact the environment will benefit from your use of the Old Mucker range.

Want to try something a little different on your garden? Then read on….